YouTube Update Allows Users To Skip Friend’s Video, Show Them Even Funnier Video


SAN BRUNO, Calif. — In an effort to further streamline the viewing experience of their 1.5 billion users, the video-sharing website YouTube released an update this week that allows users to skip any video their friend is trying to show them in order to watch a different, even funnier video.

“Our research has shown that when someone’s friend is showing them a funny video on our site, they almost immediately get bored and want to skip that video in favor of another video they believe is way funnier. This preferred video is usually one that they’ve already seen a number of times and think their friend should actually like more,” said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, adding that, during beta testing, users noted how much they liked getting to quickly experience something they knew they would enjoy without having to waste time worrying if their friends feel validated in their own opinions.

“Ideally, this feature saves users the awkward experience of pretending to enjoy a video their friend seems to think is really something, when all they can think about is the much better video they’re eventually going to make their friend sit through,” added Wojcicki.

If this update proves to be as successful as YouTube developers hope, they have plans to begin implementing a secondary feature which would allow users to preload a second funny video to immediately play after the first one, preventing their friend from ever getting a word in edgewise.

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Image by pixabay.