Youth Pastor Can’t Wait To Launch ‘E-Mortality’ Campaign


LINCOLN, Neb. – Three months after hatching the idea during a weekend retreat, 29-year-old youth pastor Chad Grace is “totally stoked” to launch his new “e-mortality” campaign.

“I was itching to harness the power of the Internet to spread the word of God,” said Grace, aggressively chewing a wad of gum. “But I knew it wouldn’t work without a good pun.”

“We were sitting around the campfire when it hit me: Immortality. E-mortality. Duh.” said Grace. “Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways, but sometimes He hits you in the face with a load of bricks.”

Grace admitted the details of the campaign remains “undefined,” but noted it “will definitely involve social media” and “references to pop culture and all that.”

When asked why he didn’t simply focus on the Creator’s timeless message of hope and love, Grace paused, looked into the reporter’s eyes, and said, “E-Mortality. Immortality. Do you not get it?”

John Clark doesn’t quite get it.

Image by Wikipedia.