Yankee Candle Releases New $20 Bill Scent


SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass. — In a surprising attempt to be more forthright with their customers, the Yankee Candle Company has unveiled an addition to their vast line of scented candles: the $20 bill.

“Everyone loves the smell of money,” expressed John Nariz, Director of Research and Development for Yankee Candle. He continued, “I love the smell of a nice, crisp $20 bill, but I can’t walk around smelling my money. That would be stupid.”

Nariz later admitted that this is the company’s first candle that actually smells like its label.

The decision to send the new scent to market was assisted by a focus group organized by executive Shirley Profumo.

“Using our hand-picked focus group of six 53-year-old women, we discovered our candles stayed lit much longer than burning an actual $20 bill,” Profumo said.

Yankee Candle has invested a large portion of their advertising budget into the $20 Bill line and plans to release the new scent this summer with a $24.99 price tag.

Jeff Arcuri has an amplified sense of smell and has only ever inherited candles from his candle-loving mother.

Image by James Webb.