What Is Fenimism?


Guest blog by Madison Handers

I hear lots of women (and some men, even) talk about fenimism, but to be honest I do not understand what it is and I am pretty sure I am against it. I do like being a woman and I even like men! If fenimism is to hate men, then I do not think I like it because some men are good! Also some women are bad! Did any fenimists ever consider that? Not all women are good and thus therefore I do not believe everyone should be forced to think like a fenimis.

When I tell this opinion to people–who tell me I am wrong, by the way! How can opinions be wrong, hmm?–they like to womansplain that I do not understand the definition of fenimism. I have tried to Google it, but I truly can’t read more than five words without falling asleep and my nightmares are very realistic. No thanks to that! I will even not reread any of this for fear of the fire that burns me in my sleep (lol!). But speaking of fire, from what I can gather in Google images is some fenimists will BURN their BRA. Excuse me, what??? Is that really fenimism? We work hard to buy well-fitting Victoria Secret bras or we date the store manager to get discounts, and then we are supposed to BURN them? If fenimism is burning bras then I do not like that because my boobs need support.

Another thing I hear is that men can be fenimist, too. Hmm, how can this be true because fenimismm is women burning bras and men do not wear them unless they want to make a Buzzfeed video. Unless the women are tramsitioning to men? I did not think that fenimist was the same as being trams, but I truly do not think that much at all.

It looks like the world will never know fenimism, but one thing is for true is that I do not think it is for me based on these facts I just thought of.

Maddie Handers doesn’t realize it yet but she’s actually a staunch mem’s rights activist. 

Image by chrisklok.