Visiting Friend Overjoyed To Watch YouTube Videos


NEW YORK — After a few hours of brainstorming possible activities for Samantha Dolf’s three day visit to New York, her hostess and longtime friend Tanya Lax suggested the two of them devote a large chunk of the visit to watching YouTube videos.

“We couldn’t really think of anything better to do, since we’re both on budgets and she has no idea what to see in NY,” said Lax, “So, I figured we might as well spend her vacation time catching up on videos of babies dancing to Taylor Swift. She’s into it!”

Despite the fact that Samantha’s job doesn’t include sick days or paid time off, and this would be her only vacation for the whole year, she was not only content watching YouTube videos during her stay in New York, but preferred it that way.

“I’ve never been to New York before, and never get downtime to catch up with Tanya or use my time in a carefree manner,” said Dolf, “So naturally, I agreed that the most fruitful way to spend my visit was in front of Samantha’s laptop, watching brand-sponsored couples play pranks on each other!”

Although the two of them spent the majority of Samantha’s visit to New York watching three-minute videos on the Internet, they did occasionally break their Youtube streak to show each other pictures of exes on Instagram, trending Drake memes on Reddit, and Googlemaps views of the nearby park.

“I feel like it’s been a really fulfilling visit,” said Dolf, “Tanya and I have been able to catch up by laughing at strangers on the internet, and even though I didn’t actually get to see the city of New York, I feel like by watching Youtube in this apartment — I already get it.”

Bronwyn Isaac doesn’t have a computer or a television, and only receives news and media through the ghosts of NPR hosts trapped in her walls

Image by Wikimedia.

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