Travel Blogger Clearly Makes Up Trip To Bulgaria


CHICAGO — Judging by the ambiguous anecdotes, noticeably inaccurate details, and implausible photos of Brazilian favelas, multiple sources confirmed Chicago-based travel blogger Cameron Nova clearly made up his trip to Bulgaria.

“I, of course, went to the capital in Sofia, arriving at the time the indigenous people were enjoying their siesta,” read the article titled “Off The Beaten Path In Bulgaria,” demonstrating Nova’s nonexistent knowledge of local custom before claiming he purchased hand-painted wooden clogs from a family of gypsies. “With our bellies full of their authentic cuisines (mmm, lentils!), we got on our Vespas and rode past the well-preserved mud huts to a late-night bonfire.”

In what many are calling a transparent attempt of appearing to engage in an enthralling lifestyle, readers noted the logistical flaws in Nova’s more fantastical claims, such as supposedly riding a rickshaw from Varna to the Beehive Tomb, a four-hour car ride cross-country, for just five Euros. In further support of this theory, Nova’s knowledge of Bulgaria reportedly did not extend past Wikipedia, citing one sentence where Nova stated “Bulgarian cuisine demonstrates a strong Turkish and Greek influence. [329]”.

In addition, sources close to Nova verified the 26-year-old at no point had the money, means, or time to pull off the supposed week-long trip.

“I worked with him for close to a year. There’s absolutely no way he could take time off to book a room at a hillside horse farm,” said temp agent Ashley Carbone, speculating that even if Nova had the time to travel the country, he could still not afford anything on his list of “Things You Must Do In Bulgaria,” such as riding wicker canoes on the Danube river, bottle-feeding a baby goat, or getting his fortune told by a legendary soothsayer.

Sources confirmed this was Nova’s laziest fabrication since his trip to Portugal, where he claimed to have ridden llamas bareback on the isles of Pompeii.

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Image by morville