Top Tweets Of The Week 10/10-10/16


Another week, another batch of sizzlin’ tweets. Can you even stand this next-level business?

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and DJ Calvin Harris was in hot water for allegedly visiting a Thai massage parlor. Check out how he responded to the allegations!


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was in the news for claiming that tragedies can be prevented by vigilant and well-armed civilians. Do you agree with his philosophy?

Lincoln Chafee was a huge underdog going into the Democratic debate. What do you think of his startling post-debate optimism?


Playboy magazine announced plans to end its decades-long tradition of printing photos of nude women. What do you think of their new focus?

Virginia senator Jim Webb was criticized for spending too much of his time at the Democratic debate by complaining about his lack of time. Fortunately, he had Twitter to let him speak his mind in full about the issues.


Tom Harrison and Mathias Muschal can’t understand why more people aren’t following their Hulk parody Twitter accounts