Top 10 Things To Yell In Unison Before The Ball Drops On New Year’s Eve


It’s New Year’s Eve, you’re at a party with all your closest friends, it’s almost midnight, and everyone wants to scream something all together. But, what do you yell?  Here are some suggestions your crew can chant out as you ring in the new year.

10. “Seven”

Seven has been a New Year’s traditional chant for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the fourth prime number, DJ says it in S1E6 of Rosanne, and is the only dimension, besides the familiar 3, in which a vector cross product can be defined. Why not throw it into your celebration?

9. “One”

One is the second skinniest number, behind 0.5, and has the distinct pleasure of being the most sung about word in English, Turkish and Klingon. Why don’t you put it in your celebration?

8. “Four”

Four, wedged right between another two numbers, one of which is on our list, Four is alphabetically the first number in the world. Though it is not a prime number, it is a prime piece of ass. Who wouldn’t like to say it together with a group of people in their celebration?

7. “Five”

Five was the first number ever said, so it’s fitting that it’s on our list. Along with being the first number ever said, it’s also happens to be the most recent number ever said. If the world were to end right now, Five would be the first and last number said by mankind. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you and your friends. Include it in your celebration?

6. “I’m so alone!”


The clock is ticking for that New Year’s kiss, but you’re, more than likely, not alone. Someone else is probably panicking just like you. Don’t just mope there by yourself at midnight. Let those other lonely people know where you are so you can be alone together. Why not celebration?

5. “Ten”

About 85% of countdowns from 10 start with Ten. It would be culturally irresponsible to not at least include Ten by saying it at the same time as a bunch of other people. How about tossing it into your New Year’s celebration?

4. “Two”

Two is the most often-associated word with 9 out of 10 dichotomies. It also has anatomical significance since we all have two nostrils, two eyes, two kidneys, two ears, two hands, two of each finger, two feet, two knees (one right and one left), and men have two nuts. Why wouldn’t you like two include it in your celebration?

3. “I’m ready, Lord!”

The world is going to end sometime. Odds are, it is going to end on an arbitrarily ceremonious annual date. It’s a good idea to remind any potential higher powers that you are an obedient soldier in his or her army. It’s casual enough to not sound needy, but maybe enough to make him or her think, “Oh… ok… who are you?… Never mind, come on up.” Avoid things like “I’m sorry for everything, please forgive me.” Why not scream “Too little too late!” while you’re at it in your celebration?

2. “Nine”

Do we really need to remind you why this is so high on the list? Come on, it’s Nine. Put it in your celebration.

1. “Year”

Year is symbolic of a year, and reminds us of years. It is traditionally shouted in harmony with at least dozens of people so the new year knows where to start It is probably just an old wive’s tale, but don’t take any chances: include this classic in your celebration. 

Ross Kelly will be celebrating New Year’s in every time zone.