Tony Isn’t A Rapist Cause I Asked Him And He Said He Isn’t


Amid several reports that my friend Tony is a rapist, I decided to muster the courage to ask him myself. The verdict? He isn’t because he said he isn’t. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all the evidence I need to disregard the allegations of multiple of women with detailed accounts of the ways in which he mistreated, traumatized, and physically hurt them. Tony said he didn’t do those things, so that works for me!

When I had first heard that my friend Tony might have raped and sexually harassed several women–women that I also happen to know–I was pretty shaken up. Tony can’t be a rapist because I hang out with that guy, I thought. Being friends with a rapist didn’t sound great to me, so I figured I would straight up ask him. That’s something apparently none of these women thought to do! Ask him if he is a rapist and if he says no, then he isn’t. I was worried that he did do all these horrible crimes. I was concerned that he respected women so little and prioritized his perverse desires and sick need for control over women’s bodies and dignities that he actually did rape them. If that was true, then I definitely didn’t want to chill with that guy anymore. Luckily, Tony told me he didn’t do those things! Hooray! We can still watch basketball together.

I figure if I cornered a real rapist then he’d get all bashful and be like “Aw, you caught me! I done raped a bunch! Whoops! Aren’t I a stinker?” or whatever rapists say. But my friend Tony is super charming and denied it and wears dope sneakers. So glad he said he didn’t rape! Obviously he didn’t do anything wrong.

I hope those women stop spreading rumors about my friend. I bet it super hurts his feelings that people say he raped them.

Stephanie Weber needs to stop spreading rumors and gossip about rapists. 

Image by pixabay.