‘This American Life’ Caught Repeating Same Episode For Full Year


NEW YORK — Popular National Public Radio program “This American Life” is facing a heated backlash today after listeners noticed the show has been continuously re-airing an old episode about road trips.

The long-running NPR staple, hosted by the pleasant and seemingly transparent Ira Glass, has won numerous Peabody Awards for its unique blend of journalism, storytelling and that one song by Pink Martini. Glass was forced to explain the situation in a surprise new episode, released this morning.

“Today’s apology in three acts,” he began. “Act I: It sounded like a good idea at the time; Act II: tales from guilty people seeking forgiveness; Act III: a quirky love story by Nancy Updike.”

The apology episode, however, turned out to be “No Hay Problema” by jazz group Pink Martini followed by the same re-run of the same old episode about road trips. No one noticed.

Tim Barnes has been a panelist on “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” for six years and no one has noticed.