The Whiskey Journal Is Looking For New Staff Writers


The Whiskey Journal, America’s second favorite source for fake news, is looking to add a few new staff writers. Please read what is expected of you as a writer for TWJ below before applying. Even if you have submitted articles that we didn’t take before, you should apply, if becoming a part of the TWJ team is something that interests you. Please understand that this is a time commitment and as a TWJ writer you’ll be expected to do all of the things below.

-Pitch new ideas to the group and participate in feedback on your own and other writer’s ideas.

-Write a minimum of two articles per month.

Be able to work within deadlines.

-Deal with someone editing your sweet, precious art.

-Share the article from each weekday on your social media.

-Not be a total dickhole to work with.

None of these expectations are negotiable. If you don’t think you can handle not being a dickhole or sharing other TWJ writer’s articles on social media, please do not apply.

TWJ isn’t just boring rules and regulations though. As a staff member of TWJ, you’ll have your articles viewed by thousands of people (we’ve already had nearly 500,000 pageviews in 2015), be able to create, write, and perform content for our live show, and have the ability to start your own projects (podcasts, videos, etc) and publish them through our already established web presence.

Please email your application to and include the following in your application (send application as a PDF or just written in the body of the email, no attached word documents, please):

-10 potential TWJ headlines (try to keep them within 5-10 words)

-One full article using one of those headlines (try to keep it within 250-500 words, read some of our articles to see what it should look like)

-Any related writing credits or specific reasons you’d like to join TWJ

-Any skills you possess other than writing that could be useful to the team (i.e. video editing, marketing, photoshop, social media, ability to sell ad space, etc.)

-Do you have a reference on the TWJ staff already? Mention them! If you don’t, that’s cool too. You certainly don’t have to know anyone to get a job here.


-Does this pay? No, but if it makes you feel better, no one is making any money from TWJ. 

-Do I have to live in Chicago to apply? No.

-Can I have a hug? Yes.


Applications turned in after midnight on June 11th will not be accepted. 

Thanks for taking the time to apply to The Whiskey Journal. Regardless of what happens next, we really do appreciate your interest.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at


-Your pals at TWJ

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Kyle Scanlan grew up in rural southern Illinois and has the vocabulary to prove it. Now he lives in the big fancy city of Chicago, because he tells jokes there. When not telling jokes, he’s usually drunkenly yelling at his television during NBA games. He is a contributor, editor and creator of The Whiskey Journal. He’s not excited about the future.