The Next Jackson Five? These Brothers Have An Extremely Abusive Father


Nostalgia fans, get ready to swoon! The next generation of musical talent is ready to burst onto the scene, and you’ve probably never even heard of them.

Although there will never be a group of singers quite as transcendent as the Jackson Five, the Craig family might be the next best thing. That’s right, it turns out the five Craig brothers have a father that’s even more abusive and manipulative than Joe Jackson!

Talk about a dream come true!

Not ready to believe the hype? Well get ready to have your mind blown by the similarities! Just like the Jackson family, these abused children range from ages 19 to 13, and are regularly beaten by their father over innocuous slights due to his need for control.

That sound you hear is everyone’s jaw collectively hitting the ground.

If that weren’t enough, these kids are not allowed to go to school, and their father will fly into an unspeakable rage if his unreasonable demands are not carried out. If you didn’t believe in reincarnation before, this family could sure change your mind!

But here’s the best part, just like the King of Pop Michael Jackson, the youngest Craig brother is already taking the brunt of his father’s anger. And if you’re wondering if this is some sort of coincidence, think again. As was the case with Michael Jackson, the Craig family is too afraid of their father to intervene and save their gifted sibling from a life of misery and pain! It’s like they were separated at birth!

Boom! That sound you hear is an epic mic drop.

Although the Craig family has yet to produce music, the world is now watching with bated breath. Time to practice that moonwalk!

Don Plattner doesn’t see what the big deal is.

Images by niels-mulder, pixabay, kapa65.