Texans Treat Muslim Child Exactly Like You Think They Would


IRVING, Texas — In a story straight from your imagination that confirms every stereotype and suspicion you have, school and police officials in Texas treated a Muslim child exactly like you think they would.

When considering all the different manners in which a public official in Texas might treat a young child with a darker shade of skin and an Arabic name, the actions that you figure they would take are exactly what they did.

“OK, so the headline I saw this morning mentioned Texas educators and a kid named Ahmed Mohamed, so I’m guessing they did something prejudiced like, oh, I don’t know, accuse him of bringing a bomb to school or something?” said you this morning as you read the headlines on social media. “I mean I’m just spitballing here. They probably used unnecessary force too right?”

The actions of the officials, seemingly derived from a lazy stand-up bit about the ignorance and prejudice of Texans, were everything you would ever think when you hear a story about Texans. “Man, they are just not helping themselves out down there are they?” you thought.

Upon hearing the explanation of the Irving police spokesperson on why they would act in such a manner and treat a child the way they did, you closed your computer and went to do something else as you figured you pretty much knew what had happened.

Quinn Formel is exactly the kind of person you think he is.

Image by fox6now.