Testimony Confirms Comey Felt Need To Document Meetings He Had With Trump On Snapchat


WASHINGTON D.C. — During former FBI director James Comey’s federal testimony before Senate Intelligence Committee today, it was confirmed that Comey was compelled to document every encounter he had with Trump on the messaging app Snapchat.

Though he admitted using the app was a little out of character for an acting FBI director, he claimed it was “fun.”

Comey confirmed that his daughter Claire recommended the app to him, saying Snapchat “is great for documenting quick social encounters” and even showed the Department of Justice vet how to use it.

“In January I purchased with bureau funds a new iPhone 7 with 128 gigs of storage, knowing that I would need it to document all meetings with the President,” Comey said. “I saved all Snapchat pictures and video to my camera roll.”

“I would frequently use filters like the dog one or a voice-changing one and then show Jim, my chief of staff, who got a real kick out of it,” Comey said. “And nearly every picture includes a location filter so I could be sure where I was at the time of the conversation.”

Comey assured the hearing that documentation was shared discreetly with only 40 or so of his high-ranking FBI official followers and maybe a handful of random hot girls that were somehow added– he’s not sure how.

Ross Kelly would have used the orange sack of shit filter.

Image by stupidrosskelly.