Terrifying Development: Shooting Molten Lava At The Invading Volcano Monsters Seems To Only Make Them Stronger


Well this doesn’t look good.

When legions of horrifying volcano monsters suddenly emerged from the center of the earth and began terrorizing cities around the globe, the National Guard immediately sprang into action. Alongside our allies in NATO, U.S. armed forces unleashed their newest weapon, molten rock that has been heated to temperatures of over 1500˚ F.

Yet for some reason, bubbling magma guns have had no effect on the terrifying monsters which were evidently waiting in the heart of active volcanoes for the chance to strike against humans on the planet’s surface. If anything, the monsters seem to grow even stronger, their flaming breath even hotter, and the seared footprints left in their wake remain ablaze even longer.

Looks like it might be time to panic.

According to various sources within the military, their best scientists and engineers are already hard at work developing a new type of weapon capable of heating molten rock to even hotter levels in an attempt to slow down the volcano monsters which are leaving a swath of destruction across the world. Yet not everyone is on board, including a mild-mannered scientist who believes we should be creating freezing cold weapons in order to neutralize the boiling blood which courses through their enormous and hideous bodies.

Hopefully everyone gets on the same page quickly, or else we might be in a lot of trouble!

Don Plattner gets why the volcano monsters seem so upset.

Image by maxpixel, farid.