Teacher Has Taught And Hated Two Generations Of Local Family


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — One local teacher reached a milestone with the start of the Vigo County 2015-2016 school year this week as she has now taught and hated two generations of a prominent local family.

“I’ve known the Dunn family for quite some time now,” said Amy Pedersen, longtime life sciences teacher at Woodrow Wilson Junior High. “And I can say without a doubt that there isn’t a person worth saving in that entire shitty family.”

Pederson, 49, was really put through the ringer when she taught four Dunn siblings, as well as a few cousins, in the 1990s and it appears there’s a whole crop of them making their way through the same school system 25 years later.

School officials confirmed that 7th grader Adam Dunn may be the worst Dunn yet.

“I feel bad for Amy,” said Principal Deborah Martin. “But she’s the one who signed up to teach 7th grade science in Indiana.”

Principal Martin continued: “You know she’s got a Master’s Degree, right? She just doesn’t deserve this.”

School officials confirmed Thursday that no changes to the classroom rosters would be made.

“I’d honestly give up my salary for a year to never see a Dunn again,” Pedersen said. “That’s how much I hate this family of assholes.”

Kyle Scanlan once got his entire 7th grade class’s test score dropped a letter because he refused to stop TP-ing his Social Studies teacher’s house.

Image by UFV.