Teacher Distracted By Student’s Outfit Sent Home To Change


COLBY, Kan. — After reporting that he was being distracted by the outfit of one of his female students, local history teacher teacher Gerald Wertz was sent home to change.

Faculty at Colby Central High School reported that Wertz, 38, sent one of his junior students, Andrea Coralli, to the principal’s office at the beginning of his third period class after remarking that her outfit was “distracting to male students and faculty.” At this point, Wertz was dismissed for the day by Principal Janine Stone.

“My assessment was that Mr. Wertz needed to go home and change. He needs to reassess the attitude he wears in public.” said Stone, 53. “Teenage boys can be distracted for hours by even the mention of the existence of women of literally any age, but an adult man in his 30s who is completely thrown off by the clothing selections of a 16-year-old girl may need to reconsider his choice to work in a school.”

When asked about the situation, Ronald Giles, another male member of the faculty seemed unsympathetic to Wertz’s feelings. “I don’t really understand what he meant” said Giles, 41, “I work with children. The clothes they wear don’t really bother me at all. This seems like something he needs to do some soul searching about. That sort of behavior can be really disruptive to class productivity.”

When phoned for comment, Wertz loudly blurted “I don’t know, I feel weird” before hanging up the phone.

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Image by njrfalcon.