Study: 72% Of Wealthy Children Raised In Single Maid Household


WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to a study released this week by the Economic Stability Project at PEW, 72% of wealthy children are being raised in a single maid household, an alarming percentage that continues to rise among families living above the luxury line.

“The lack of a two-servant support system puts these kids at risk,” said lead researcher Dr. Benji Duran. “Single maids are less able to monitor their kids if they do not have a partner, such as a kitchen maid, a chamber maid, or a first floor parlour maid.”

Dr. Duran told reporters that in comparison with wealthy children raised in an intact two-maid home, single maid households tend to double a child’s risk of ending up committed to a public state school, with more than half the kids dropping out of their bimonthly equestrian retreats by the time they’re 15.

“For the most part, [living under one maid] will lead to lifelong emotional problems,” Dr. Duran continued, noting that even after controlling for differences in the education, race, and ethnicity of the help, these kids equally suffered from feelings of impatience, low self-importance, and difficulty connecting with others on waterfowl hunts in the Texas panhandle.

“We need to understand that decades ago raising a wealthy child without a fleet of nursery maids was unheard of,” Duran said. “Something needs to be done, or these rich kids will be given an unfair shot at life.” 

Ricardo Angulo was raised by a stable boy.

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