Student Returns From Study Abroad More Worldly, Annoying


STORRS, Conn.— A University of Connecticut junior has reportedly returned home from his study abroad program in Italy both a little more worldly and far more annoying.

21-year-old Thomas Benson has allegedly come back to the United States with some interesting experiences that he will not shut up about.

“We’ll be eating lunch and he will feel compelled to tell us about where they ate lunch in Venice,” said Benson’s friend Greg Davis. “Come on, man. We are in a cafeteria right now. I don’t want to hear about it.”

Benson is also reportedly attempting to get friends, family, and acquaintances to read the blog he kept about his travels.

“Why would anyone want to read that?” commented Benson’s freshman year roommate Josh Barton. “Who cares about a picture of his meal from a restaurant? We’ve seen pasta before.”

However, the majority of complaints from those who know the communication major are about his self-proclaimed amazing change in perspective.

“He acts like he now sees the world clearly for the first time,” said Benson’s sister Tara Benson. “He just went on a long vacation in Italy. He didn’t stay for five years to help build infrastructure in rural areas. Get over yourself.”

Those in the University of Connecticut community are hoping Benson’s new found sense of superiority and enlightenment will fade soon, but there have been no such signs of tiring.

At press time, Benson could be found telling female classmates that the Sistine Chapel is “way more beautiful than you can even imagine.”

Kevin Lobkovich has never participated in a study abroad program but still is annoying.

Photo courtesy of Pasko Tomic.