Steve Likes Tom Petty Now I Guess


LOGANSPORT, Ind.—Tom Petty fans across the globe are mourning the iconic rock star’s passing this week, and apparently among their ranks is Steve.

“What a devastating loss #RIPTom,” Steve tweeted Monday evening, despite never having mentioned Petty online or offline as far as anybody can tell.

“Feels like I’m #FreeFalling,” he wrote on a Facebook post of a link to the video for “Free Fallin’” and again an hour later for a link to the video for “Refugee.”

The music legend’s death has apparently struck quite a chord with Steve, who hitherto had ostensibly nothing to say or write about Petty while he was still alive and playing music.

“FUCK,” Steve wrote in the YouTube comment section of the video for “Won’t Back Down.”

Although no one asked him to, Steve also posted to his Facebook page a list of the “Top five Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers songs, in no particular order: Free Falling, Refugee, No I Won’t Back Down, I’m Learning To Fly, and the one with Kim Bassinger for sure.”

At the time of this story’s publication, Steve is putting together a Tom Petty playlist on Spotify that will certainly wind up being a track-for-track recreation of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ 1993 Greatest Hits album.

Mathias Muschal don’t know what it’s like.

Images by musicisentropy and Connie.