Stay-At-Home Dad Really Loving The Stay At Home Part


ATLANTA, Ga. ­­– It was revealed earlier this week that local stay-at-home dad Paul Wilson, while happy to be a dad, really loves the fact that he never has to leave the house.

“Sure, being a dad is great,” Wilson, 31, said. “But you know what is even better? Never having to deal with that nasty direct sunlight or pesky unfiltered air.”

Reports indicate that Wilson splits his days at home between taking care of his 18-month-old son Eden and, according to Wilson, “not being an empty, soulless, cog in the corporate machine.”

“A lot of my friends think I’ve got it made and am living the easy life,” stated Wilson. “But being a stay-at-home dad is a full time job. It’s not just sitting around all day without pants on eating whatever I want. It’s doing that while also catching up on all five seasons of The Wire, and some dad stuff.”

Wilson’s wife Sandra, who works 60-hour weeks between three separate restaurants, couldn’t be happier.

“Paul has always been more of an indoors kind of guy ever since he almost got stung by a bee so this really works out perfectly for us,” Sandra said. “Besides, Paul and I want to give Eden as much attention as possible, while also being able to share his nap schedule.”

When asked how they came to the decision of who would be the stay-at-home parent Wilson told reporters it was pretty easy.

“Sandra already had the steady income from her multiple minimum wage jobs so it made sense that she would be the one working and I would be the one watching Netflix while hanging out near our son just enough to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself,” Wilson said.

Joshua Ballew thanks God, the original stay-at-home dad, for inspiring this article.

Image by Flickr