So, People Trapped Inside This Building Are Being Really Rude



Okay so I’m on my way to work along my normal route on Lexington Ave. and I came across a building full of people trapped inside it. The building appeared to be on fire. There were people reaching out through holes in the collapsed cement and, like, trying to grab me.

Uh, okayyyyyyyy.

We all get it. A crane in a construction site collapses and falls six stories onto a neighboring building causing an existing gas leak in the building to light up the sky like the 4th of July. It happens. Why are these several dozen people special?

So people are screaming “HELP ME! HELP ME!” but it’s like, haven’t you ever heard that Chris Rock quote where he’s talking about his car being broken down on the side of the road and how no one would stop and help him unless he started pushing his own car, because people like to see you helping yourself when you need help. It’s like, stop being so desperate.

Also, I have my earbuds in. That’s a nonverbal cue that I don’t feel like talking right now. Please respect my boundaries.

I also noticed that it’s not just a generational thing either. The people yelling at me are young and old, both rude seniors and rude Millennials.

Another kind of disrespectful thing is that a lot of them are on their phones this whole time. They are desperately trying to talk to me but also involved in other calls, texts or whatever else they’re doing on their latest Apple device. It’s like, can’t you just live in the moment? Do you have to document everything? Sigh.

We’ve got a long way to go as a society. The tone of our every interaction is just disheartening.

Kyle Scanlan thinks everyone should just relax and be a little nicer to each other.

Image by ogopa.

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Kyle Scanlan grew up in rural southern Illinois and has the vocabulary to prove it. Now he lives in the big fancy city of Chicago, because he tells jokes there. When not telling jokes, he’s usually drunkenly yelling at his television during NBA games. He is a contributor, editor and creator of The Whiskey Journal. He’s not excited about the future.