SNL Holds Open Audition For Straight White Males


NEW YORK CITY — NBC’s venerable late night comedy program Saturday Night Live recently held an open audition for straight white males only this week at Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank, Calif.

SNL often holds showcases when looking for new talent, but this audition garnered national attention because it was restricted to anyone who is not a straight white male.

“I actually didn’t even notice this audition was just for straight white males until my assistant told me,” said SNL executive head Lorne Michaels. “There are a lot of [straight white males].”

The producers of SNL said they were hoping to find nine or ten straight white males to help round out the cast. Since announcing its new cast, the late night series has taken a beating from television critics demanding that the iconic show finally give straight white males a chance in comedy.

“We just want to have a show that appeals to everyone,” said Michaels. “We’ve already got a black guy. I think the fat guy is like, maybe Hispanic or something. Either way he’s not white so that kills two birds with one stone.”

Michaels continued: “Now we just need a bunch of white dudes.”

Television critics are hopeful this audition indicates SNL‘s newfound focus on allowing diverse voices on the show. The writing staff, however, will still be exclusively comprised of black females.

 Kyle Scanlan would just like to be given the opportunity for audiences not to like him.

Image by guyfwicke.