Sandra Taking Opportunity To Remind Everyone Of Her Semester In Paris


TACOMA, Wash. — After the harrowing terrorist attacks in France on November 13, local 23-year-old Sandra Moskowitz took to Facebook to post a lengthy tribute to her semester abroad in Paris only a few years prior.

Sandra posted a three paragraph status on Friday night recounting memories of the city of light. In it she posted about riding a bicycle to the Louvre, getting lost in Montmartre, drinking coffee in the Latin Quarter, and traveling to Brussels on a weekend getaway. While all of these things were clearly heartfelt memories, they had very little to do with the present tragedy and appeared to be outright bragging about the semester that changed her.

“Since we’re not in college anymore, we thought we had heard the end of her stupid semester abroad,” her former roommate Colleen Lui told sources. “But this has really reopened the floodgates for her to be pretentious again. I mean she posted a status in English and French. Like, come on.”

Upon looking at other people’s pictures posted of their trips to Paris in order to show solidarity and a feeling of connection to the people in the beloved city, Sandra would comment either “ugh I was there too!”, “je’taime”, or “same.” Throughout the weekend Sandra posted several pictures of her own trip to France on Instagram, but according to her friends and followers some of the pictures just looked like college party pictures.

“There’s this one picture of her clearly drunk with two girls in some club,” her cousin Marion Moskowitz told the press. “It’s just a sweaty close-up. Not sure how that actually supports people grieving in France, but she acted like it meant a lot to her.”

Sandra continues to bombard social media with nostalgia from her semester abroad and how much she learned from living in France. She has also reportedly dominated all conversations about the terrorist attacks to talk about the “le vie Parisienne” in a psuedo-French accent for unknown reasons. In support of the attacks in Lebanon, Sandra was equally insensitive, posting a picture of herself eating hummus in a cafe in Paris with the caption “#prayersforbeirut #yummyhummus.”

Stephanie Weber loves and supports Paris but would also like to tell you about her trip to Spain.

Image by peter benedik.