‘Rick And Morty’ Fan Just Wants To Be Entirely Sure You Get It


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Local Rick and Morty enthusiast Greg Carson knows that you have seen the popular animated sci-fi show but wants to make absolutely certain that you fully get it, sources have reported.

“Yeah, I’ve seen the show–I like it,” you told Carson, 28, your acquaintance at best, but still that doesn’t placate him. “Like it?” he asked. “That’s it? Are you sure you get it?” Greg asked you. “I’m pretty sure I get it,” you answered, but you could tell he wasn’t not satisfied.

Later, you received a DM on Facebook and, somehow, you already knew it was from Greg. It was a link to an article titled “25 References You May Have Missed While Watching Rick And Morty.”

“It’s more than just an homage to Back To The Future,” Greg wrote. “Did you catch the H.P. Lovecraft reference? What about the Invasion of the Body Snatchers one?” You stopped answering and still, Greg persisted. “The show is just so layered,” he said and you replied, “I promise you that I get it,” but this did not compute for Greg.

It’s not possible for someone to get the show and not love it,” he said. You woke up to 10 more links about “hidden Easter eggs” within the show’s universe and one about Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s working relationship.

The next day, Greg called your office. “How did you get this number?” you asked but Greg, who you could’ve sworn had a wife and kids, was busy shouting, over and over again, “PICKLE RICK IS A METAPHOR!” You hung up the phone, but suddenly Greg appeared outside your office.

You then realized you brought this on yourself: You never should have brought up adult animation in the first place.

Similar to Rick, Lana Schwartz also has the ability to transform herself into a pickle.

Image by sfupamr, adultswim.