Rich Farmer Mistaken For Country Music Star


CARTERVILLE, Ill. — A trip to town took a littler longer than usual for a successful Southern Illinois corn farmer, who was mistakenly idolized after fans mistook him for a country music star.

Daniel Shall, 38, was greeted with double takes and selfie requests when he visited a nearby city’s Wal-Mart.

Pulling in close to $42,000 per year, Shall is considered one of the wealthiest farmers in America.

“I spend all day with dirt on my hands, so when I want to look nice there’s nothin’ wrong with a big buckle and an even bigger attitude,” Shall said about his nine-inch bucking horse belt buckle and compensating attitude.

Shall discovered his ability to feign fame two weeks prior, when a nine-year-old boy asked if he was both Blake Shelton and Toby Keith.

“I looked at how happy he was and I couldn’t let him down,” Shall said. “What if he had a cancer? So I told him I was his heroes.”

The town’s mayor, sheriff, pastor, and councilman John Gables is unfazed by the attention Shall has been receiving.

“This community is easily entertained,” Gables said. “He’ll have his time to shine and it will eventually all point back to ‘Able Gables.'”

Gables added: “Last week the town got convinced that black fella at Subway was Darius Rucker.”

Shall admitted that eventually he will either have to tell people he’s only a farmer, or have to buy more flannel shirts with designs on the back.

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Image by usdagov.