Relationship Reaches Dreaded Hang-Out-With-High-School-Friends Phase


JOLIET, Ill. — The romantic relationship between local couple Henry Freeman and Jenna Pirowski reached a critical point in their progression when Freeman suggested hanging out with his friends from high school this weekend.

The couple who initially met on Tinder have been learning about one another slowly over the course of months through intimate dates that have included some of their current friends. Freeman’s friends from high school who he hasn’t seen in at least a year are looking forward to meeting up at the local Buffalo Wild Wings that they all used to hang out at during their days at Joliet West High School. Freeman thought it was the perfect time for his girlfriend to meet his “squad.”

“I can’t wait for Jenna to meet Chris and Fat Chris–those guys are insane!” Freeman, 31, said with childlike excitement. Pirowski, 27, expressed her support, but isn’t as enthralled to meet “The J-Town Crew” as Freeman would hope.

She understands that this critical meeting can determine the fate of their relationship. “I’m nervous to meet his ‘buddies,’ but I guess it’s what I have to do to prove I’m serious about this relationship.”

Freeman remains incredibly hopeful that the “hang sesh” will go well. “Everyone is really gonna like her, but I want to know what she will think of Deckchair,” Freeman said. “We call him Deckchair cause he freaking ate lawn furniture one time. He got so sick!”

Freeman then looked off into the distance and added, “I miss my boys. Their approval means everything to me.”

On their way to the “B-Dubs” to hang out with the J-Town Crew, Pirowski expressed a wish for Freeman to meet her hometown friends sometime which he has yet to respond appropriately to.

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Image by uriah welcome.