The Real Reason You Got Ghosted: She’s A Ghost


Have you recently been ghosted? Bummer, dude! But before you wrack your brain for possible explanations– Are you too tall? Too striking? Too handsome? Too into cool ass books about dragons?– consider the possibility that the real reason she ghosted you was because she was in fact a ghost.

If that sounds like a reasonable explanation, or at least a way better one that anything having to do with your personality and general demeanor, then go through this checklist to make sure it is because she was a ghost:

  • She kept talking about unfinished business…and we aren’t talking about making sure she finishes during sex!
  • She was physically transparent.
  • She looked whitish, like Casper.
  • She straight up disappeared when you turned a corner or looked away for a second.
  • She was dressed in old-timey clothing, most likely Victorian.
  • She could only go to places that you invited her.
    • Okay admittedly this one could also mean she was a vampire. You never know, bro! Sounds like you dodged a real bullet if she was a vampire.
  • She had a backstory that involved having already died a tragic death such as an accident or a murder.
  • She suggested the date and it was in a place that she appears to haunt and not be able to leave of her own free will.
  • She said “boo” at any time.
  • She told you she was a spirit.
  • The room got really cold when she was around.

If any of these things sound plausible, then sorry, dude– you were dating a ghost. Not so bad that she ghosted you now, huh? Of course, if you were really into the idea of ghost-dating, then we highly suggest picking up chicks at cemeteries or spending a sexy night in a haunted hotel. Book the room for one, but you’ll likely be spending it for two 😉

Stephanie Weber ghosted you because she is actually Mothman. Sorry! 

Image by pixabay.