How To Quit Your Job To Travel The World If You Are Already An Heiress


Time is humanity’s only asset and when you have all the money in the world because your dad owns an incredibly successful business that you are an heir to, money is also an asset. So why not quit your job and travel the world! How? It’s simple when you follow these steps.

1. Quit

Quit in a grand fashion that really burns all bridges. Unless you’re already working for your wealthy dad you definitely won’t need these lowly plebes ever again. Why would you need them? To give you a reference? Please, stop making me laugh! Your dad can buy five references and have money leftover for that pet dolphin you’ve always wanted. Quit your job in a fiery spectacle that they’ll never forget.

2. Buy A One-Way Ticket

Just do it. Anywhere. Who cares? If you get there and it sucks, then you can buy another ticket and go somewhere else. Remember, money is limitless!

3. Blog

Your thoughts are important. Your experience is invaluable. You are a treasure and the world needs to know how much precious treasure your family has so that you can travel the world with freedom, never once worrying about your bank account.

4. Have A Lot Of Money

Just have, like, a lot of it already–which shouldn’t be a problem because you are an heiress.

5. Instagram

Instagram will be your best means of communicating with the outside world. Let them know exactly where you’ve traveled and what insane expeditions you’ve been on. You might even be able to become Insta famous and make money from that! Can you imagine? Making even more money just because you were already rich and traveling? The world is actually your oyster and oysters are delicious!

Follow these easy steps and you can quit your job to travel the world*!

* If you are already very, extremely rich. Remember that. If you are poor or even middle-class, don’t even think about it. Never visit this website again, you peasant.

Stephanie Weber funds her travels by selling used dental floss as earrings on Etsy. 

Image by ncb80.