Pothead More Annoying Than Usual Today


BELLEVUE, Wash. — Local pothead and 27-year-old Seattle native Dennis Stevens has been more annoying than usual today, April 20th, an informal day of international marijuana appreciation.

“He just kept nudging me at work saying ‘do you know what today is, do you know what today is’ and then snickering,” said Stevens’ coworker at a local graphic design firm Greg Kerby. “He’s acting like he doesn’t come back from lunch every day smelling like Doug Benson’s sweatshirt.”

According to those close to Stevens, he continued to give subtle and not-so-subtle hints of his use of the recreational drug throughout the day.

“Denny keeps trying to get people around the office to admit who smokes, like they’re all gonna hang out on his futon and listen to Phish records with him later,” said Stevens’ supervisor Melanie Stanley. “It’s like he just doesn’t get that people don’t hate weed, they hate weed culture, because it sucks so very much.”

At press time, Stevens was seen sneaking a variety of snacks from the kitchen at work into his book bag.

Kyle Scanlan is ready for a big day of doing what he normally does.

Image by warmsleepy.