Potential Party Spots For President Trump’s Birthday


Today is President Trump’s 71st birthday and no one, NO ONE, celebrates their birthday like Donald Trump. Here are some potential party spots for President Trump’s birthday:

  • Cheesecake Factory in Times Square
  • Ivanka’s lap
  • the Kremlin
  • Combination Taco Bell/KFC
  • Panama City Beach
  • an intimate dinner with the howling ghost of his father
  • Kid Rock’s hot tub
  • Outback Steakhouse, in honor of Australia’s “impressive healthcare”
  • The corner of 5th Avenue where he said he could shoot a guy and not lose a single voter

Where ever President Trump decides to celebrate, one thing is for certain, no one loves birthdays more than Trump.

Kyle Scanlan celebrated his birthday at a local Wendy’s. 

Image by Gage Skidmore