Plastic Bag From ‘American Beauty’ Comes Forward With New Sexual Assault Allegations


LOS ANGELES — Following suit with the numbers of actresses and actors who have accused powerful men in Hollywood of sexual assault, the plastic bag from American Beauty has come forward to say that it too had been taken advantage of in the outset of its career.

“I was just a dayplayer on the film,” the plastic bag said in a statement through its lawyer, telling a story that in the last few weeks has become all too familiar. “I didn’t want to ruin my chances of potentially being cast in another film so I went with the director/executive/actor/producer to his trailer. When he drunkenly attempted to grope me, I pushed him away.”

Following the incident, calls stopped coming in for roles and the plastic bag’s career withered away. Indeed, the plastic bag’s sole IMDB credit is for American Beauty.

The plastic bag also blamed Hollywood’s toxic culture for fostering an environment upon sexual harassment can occur so rampantly, and why many of these instances go unreported.

“If you watch the movie, it’s clear–I was nothing but an object to those people,” the statement continued.

The plastic bag is now the 10th bag to come forward with allegations against the director/executive/actor/producer in question, along with 22 women and 13 men.

Lana Schwartz is a writer living in New York City and has seen American Beauty upwards of two times.

Image by KQED.