Planned Parenthood Teams With Halloween Stores To Offer Free Morning After Pill With Costume Purchase


NEW YORK — In an effort to keep this Halloween “safe,” Planned Parenthood has teamed up with local costume and lingerie stores where every girl purchasing a sexy costume this year gets their own Morning After Pill.

“Honestly, we just didn’t want any more girls dressed as disheveled sexy cats coming here the day after Halloween,” said Pamela Kenney, Marketing Director at Planned Parenthood. “It’s embarrassing, for us and for them. If it saves these sexy cats the trouble and restores a shred of dignity to themselves as women, we think it’s worth the cost.”

What once was a holiday dedicated to candy and fun has turned into another occasion where women can question themselves, put on a Bumble Bee tutu with thigh highs and be the best slutty bee that they can bee. Luckily, there is room for creativity and this Halloween women can customize their slutty costume in order to truly express their personalities. Some fall favorites this year are Sexy Helen Keller, Sexy Third Shift Menards Worker or CVS Manager, and Sexy Elizabeth Blackwell (a leader of the Women’s Suffrage Movement; she won’t be on BuzzFeed).

“I wanted to be something flirty, but also sexy, so it’s like, it’s hard,” said Kristi Colicchio, a 19-year-old freshman at Long Island University who is majoring in Economics but planning to switch to Communications next semester. “Halloween can be really hard. Its like, me and my BFF both wanted to be sexy pirates, like legit, we both bought the same sexy pirate outfit.”

“It’s, like, too funny,” Colicchio added.

Danielle Puterbaugh is a special Whiskey Journal contributor and one half of the Puterbaugh Sisters.