Obama Drops In At Karaoke Night, Brings Down The House With Gettysburg Address


WASHINGTON D.C. — Late last Friday, President Barack Obama stopped into local karaoke dive The Peyote Cafe in the Adams Morgan district after a long day at the home office.

He was bumped to the front of the list only after pointing to the twenty he had placed in the tip jar and reportedly telling the DJ, “That guy used to live in my house.”

“He went up to the mic and cleared his throat and, actually, he seemed a little nervous,” said Peyote Cafe owner Gary Macguire. “Everyone was like, ‘Is the President about to bomb, or kill?’ We really didn’t know.”

After just the first line, the crowd erupted. The President had to have the teleprompter restarted, due to his applause break being so
long. Although the speech is popular, one likely performed three times a night, the consensus was Obama made it his own.

“I knew Obama was a great speaker, but I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get the subtlety of the baritone, while also hitting the idea of maintaining the Union the way Lincoln managed to so well,” said bar patron Shelly Carr, who followed Obama’s speech with a sloppy but enthusiastic rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

When asked if he planned on attending karaoke regularly Obama was noncommittal.

“While I’d love to do a JFK speech or an ironic take on Reagan, I’ll probably focus on my own work for now,” The President said. “We’ll see in 2016.”

Ian Abramson does a mean Stephen A. Douglas cover.

Image by acclaim.

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