NFL Fines Aaron Hernandez $10,000 For Murder


BOSTON – The NFL announced today that it has fined convicted killer Aaron Hernandez $10,000 for “conduct detrimental to the league,” sources said.

“The NFL has a zero-tolerance policy against murder,” said Commissioner Roger Goodell. “And we trust that Mr. Hernandez has learned his lesson.”

Hernandez, who was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday, will also be suspended for two games, although the NFL Players Association plans to appeal the suspension.

“Aaron continues to maintain his innocence,” said NFLPA President Eric Winston. “But even if he’s guilty, this is an unreasonable punishment for an otherwise excellent teammate.”

In response to public pressure, Goodell also announced the creation of a “murder task force,” which will recommend new disciplinary measures for the league’s murderers.

“Every option is on the table right now,” said Goodell. “We’re willing to increase the murder fine by thousands of dollars, if that’s deemed appropriate.”

Sources said the NFL also plans to hold a “murder awareness week,” during which every player will wear a blood-red wristband to commemorate victims of lethal violence.

John Clark looks to professional sports leagues for moral guidance.

Image by Concord Monitor