Mother-In-Law Still Mad At Dixie Chicks


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – A tenuous relationship was nearly destroyed today when local waitress was caught humming the 1999 Dixie Chicks hit “Cowboy Take Me Away” within earshot of her mother-in-law, who is still mad at the controversial country-pop group.

According to sources, Becky Walton-Luther, 34, had just finished working a double at Cracker Barrel before delivering a carton of cigarettes to the woman that raised her husband, 77-year-old Dianne Luther.

While she admits to enjoying The Dixie Chicks’ music in the past, Luther believes the nation should never forget the “act of treason” committed by the 13-time Grammy award winners.

“Them girls were bad mouthin’ the US to the Brits when we were at war,” said Luther while sitting with her daughter-in-law on the patio of the Evansville Manor assisted-living facility. “I won’t have their Al-Qaeda be-bop crap in my ears.”

According to gossip at the nurse’s station, Becky was unaware of the song’s political connotations, saying that it reminded her of “a simpler time” before she became pregnant in high school.

“They shouldn’t have been so opinionated,” Luther screeched to anyone that would listen. “Back in my day, the musicians played the music and the politicians did the politics.”

When asked if there were any opportunities for the two family members to reconcile, the septuagenarian said it would depend on whether Kurt Busch could make it into NASCAR’s top ten standings.

“If Kurt can pass Junior and Jimmie Johnson this Sunday, things will be alright,” said Luther. “Wouldn’t hurt if Becky finally brought a home-cooked meal instead of KFC every week, too.”

Becky’s husband Roger has been in his tree stand since the incident and could not be reached for comment.

Andrew Voris openly yearns to be in a dynamic, female country trio.

Image by igoussev.