Mom Replaces Grown Children With Dog


Mokena, IL – Sources confirm that local middle-aged mom, Paula Bakowski, successfully fulfilled the emptiness left by her grown adult children moving out of the house with a purebred husky named Sookie.

Bakowski reportedly adopted the husky only two weeks after Nathan, the last of her three children, left the house after twenty years of her love, shelter, and home cooked meals, leaving her alone with no one to care for.

“Of course, I’m happy for my children,” Bakowski states. “But as a mother, I can’t live without taking care of someone, and this time I’m loving a creature that will never leave me. Because it depends on me for food.”

“She’s become a ‘dog person’ now,” her oldest daughter Tiffany, 28, told the press. “She used to be active in our lives, but now all she can talk about is taking her precious Sookie to the dog park and even preparing her for competitions. Dog competitions! That’s who she has become. It makes me sick [with jealousy].”

Bakowski claims she loves all her children equally, but all three kids were quick to notice that this year’s Christmas card was only a picture of Sookie dressed in a Santa hat that reads “Merry Christmas from the Bakowski Angels”. Not one of the children, reportedly referred to as “mommy’s angels” in years past, was pictured in the card.

Tiffany, who got married last summer, anticipates her mom will abandon the dog once she and her husband provide Ms. Bakowski with grandchildren to love.

“Then Sookie will understand my pain,” Tiffany said.

Final reports show that Bakowski is considering adopting a pitbull from the local shelter, telling her children, “You should call me more.”

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