Missing Teen Found By Worms


FAIRMONT, W. Va. — A seventeen-year-old girl who went missing on Friday night after a football game has been found by worms, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department has reported.

The body of Carol Yarowsky somehow ended up in some dirt in the woods in a rural area outside of Fairmont and a bunch of earthworms quickly found it.

“Yep. Worms’ve got a keener sense of smell and feel and everything better than us but eyes, basically,” said Deputy Phillip Tompkins. “Plus, Jeffrey over here lost his contact in the field, so the whole search party had to turn back and find that. Two hours in, it was stuck to his sweater.”

Friends and family described Yarowsky as an eager, ambitious student and a loving daughter who will dearly be missed at Carbon Hill High’s Homecoming this year and the next.

“Yep. Had we not tracked back to look for that dang lens we might have seen her before the worms did,” added Deputy Tompkins. “Or maybe if she had been reported sooner. But they live in the dirt and that is an unfair advantage. She fell right onto their lap.”

Although the city-wide vigil planned for this weekend has been canceled due to Carol’s discovery, the Yarowsky family extended an open invitation to their late daughter’s memorial service to be held Friday at 4 p.m., at the Cedar Park Baptist Church.

“It just gets me because worms don’t have to look,” continued Deputy Tompkins. “They don’t even have functional eyes, you know, like Jeffrey. He left. And it’s sad when you lose a productive member of society because some of us are not productive. Some of us waste a lot of time. He left.”

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Image by goosmurf.