Millennial Skims Tweet


LOS ANGELES — At a casual juice bar in a resurgent section of downtown Thursday morning, local Millennial Rylan Anthony skimmed through a short post on the social networking site Twitter.

“140 characters is a lot,” Anthony, 25, said while closing 1 of the 17 windows he had open on his Chromebook. “You only really need about 60 to 75 characters to get the point across.”

Anthony continued: “I mostly just read the hashtags on here.”

The Millennial stated that despite not fully reading the tweet, he partially understood where the user was coming from and decided to “favorite” it anyway.

Anthony, who plans to spend the rest of the day swishing a pomegranate-mango juice blend around in his mouth while putting together a Kickstarter to fund a rooster farm, confirmed that he often doesn’t fully digest the tweets in his feed, and is mostly just hoping to “find his voice” using the social networking site.

At press time, Anthony suddenly looked up from his devices and loudly asked if anyone had an iPhone charger.

Kyle Scanlan would love for you to skim his tweets

Image by williamhook.