Matt Damon Not Really On Mars In ‘The Martian,’ ‘Only Acting’ Says Actor


LOS ANGELES — In an interview earlier this week, Matt Damon, star of the new blockbuster movie The Martian, said that he was not actually sent to the planet Mars to film the movie. Rather, Damon claimed, he and a “film crew” went to a desert in Jordan, which is a country on Earth, the planet we all live on.

It was there in Jordan that people specially trained to make things look like other things built a “set” which ended up looking a lot like a research center on Mars.

“It looked like I was alone there, but actually there were hundreds of people just behind the camera that you can’t see in the movie because it would have looked less like I was alone on Mars,” said Damon. “I used my training as an actor to pretend that I was trying to survive on Mars while they filmed it with expensive cameras, and I did a very good job.”

Being in the Middle East was the most dangerous part of Damon’s “mission,” the actor said. “Although my life was never threatened, it was really hot,” he confirmed.  

Damon was ready to further clarify how the movie was made, but unfortunately the actor was called away due to an emergency at the zoo he owns and operates along with Scarlett Johansson.

Ross Kelly is, however, a real journalist.

Image by wikimedia.

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