Man Trying Pho For First Time Remembers Why He Hates Trying New Things


MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Following his first time trying the Vietnamese noodle soup pho, Milwaukee native Sean Dolan vividly remembered why he hates trying new things, according to sources.

“They gave me a spoon and chop sticks,” Dolan complained. “I’ve already embarrassed myself with chop sticks in public before, so I spent most of the meal trying to keep the dumb pho from falling off the weird spoon thing.”

According to those dining with Dolan, his complaints didn’t end with just the utensils.

“He spent the entire ride home complaining about the garnish-to-meat ratio,” said Sean’s wife Kristen Dolan. “Normally he’s just angry about the price of the meals when we go out to eat, but this time it seemed personal.”

Despite several employees of Phở 27 explaining to the 38-year-old that the meat comes raw or rare, and is cooked by the hot broth, Dolan demanded to have his meat cooked “well-done.”

At press time, sources confirmed that Dolan could be seen writing an angry, one-star yelp review for the local pho restaurant.

Kyle Scanlan will just have the usual. 

Image by CoffeinOctober.