Man Quits Job To Pursue More Challenging Endeavor Of Not Having Health Insurance


MINNEAPOLIS — After three years working as an actuary at Tompkins Insurance, local man Ben Cook has decided to pursue a more challenging endeavor of not having health insurance.

“I needed more time to stretch my creative muscles,” stated Cook as he looked up the prices for health insurance and realized he could only afford to be insured for six months. “I was so sick and tired of working for the man that I quit my day job along with my employee benefits package that included dental, vision and a 401k.”

Cook has reportedly been unenthused with his career as an actuary at Tompkins Insurance and finally worked up the courage to quit his day job and take on the threat of complete financial ruin if he were to contract an illness or suffer an injury.

“I think I like painting most, but I really might have a chance at making it as a musician or a writer,” stated Cook while denying his employer’s offer for COBRA continuation coverage after realizing how much more expensive it is than his employer-subsidized health insurance. “I’m excited to be a full-time artist, but if I get sick, I’m fucked.”

Kris Sundet just recently started a mundane endeavor of having health insurance.

By Mohamed Nanabhay, via Wikimedia Commons.