Man Homebrewing Beer Hoping To Give His Alcoholism More Purpose


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Local homebrewer Tyler Collins told reporters this week that he has given his alcoholism more of a purpose by brewing his own beer in the bathtub of 500-square-foot apartment in East Williamsburg.

“Before I started brewing, drinking was just a thing I did to unwind after work or to celebrate with friends,” said Collins, 31. “Now I’m not just a drunk consumer, I’m an artist.”

Collins began brewing his own beer just eight months ago, but feels as though it’s his biggest passion.

“When Tyler told me about homebrewing, I was skeptical,” said Collins’ roommate Jared Watson. “We have a small apartment, no air conditioning, and beer isn’t really that expensive.”

Watson continued: “I mean, what’s a six pack of beer? Like $7? I’m pretty sure he’s just using this to make his alcoholism seem like an interesting hobby.”

Collins confirmed to the press that he plans to have another batch of homemade beer ready by next week. He went on to say that the beer will not be for sale, but will be shared with close friends and family that are willing to drink in a crowded apartment on a Tuesday night.

Kyle Scanlan buys all of his beer at 7-Eleven across from his house. 

Image by Sarah Fenn.

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