Make-A-Wish Kid Gets Stuck With Dwight Howard


ATLANTA — Last summer a diagnosis of leukemia devastated 13-year-old Jeffrey Mill and his family and even though he has kept a positive attitude throughout his ordeal, Jeffrey admits he hasn’t had a lot to smile about since the Make-A-Wish foundation sent Dwight Howard of the Atlanta Hawks to cheer him up.

The Mills have been through a lot in the past year and faced it with grace and bravery but this most recent development is a cruel and unexpected blow.

Upon hearing the news that he would be visited by an NBA star Jeffery was ecstatic. However, the enthusiasm was short-lived as he was soon told which star he would be meeting. “Maybe meeting Orlando Magic Dwight Howard would have been cool, but it has been three teams since he’s been relevant,” Jeffrey told a disheartened nurse.

Upon his arrival Howard was cheerful and seemed intent on making Jeffrey forget about his situation even if only for a couple of hours. After several minutes the veteran center began to complain about his time as Kobe Bryant’s teammate, but did say James Harden was a good guy. “I can still be friends with James, but I need the ball in my hands,” said Howard.

For a brief moment Jeffrey thought he and Howard would have a nice visit when Howard asked if he liked superheroes. Howard opened the door and paused for a moment to really build anticipation. The Superman theme song began to play and then Dwight’s personal assistant wheeled in a cart that had a TV on it show Dwight wearing a cape and competing in the 2009 NBA dunk contest. Jeffrey quickly faked a migraine and asked that the TV be removed.

Dan Drees would rather meet Steve Nash’s limo driver.

Image by keithallisonviralplague.