Local Man Figures Now As Good A Time As Any To Voice Worst Opinion Possible


NAPERVILLE, Ill. – After bearing witness to the current state of world affairs and public discourse, local man Robert Parker elected to not second guess any of his preconceived notions and took to social media Monday morning to share the worst opinion possible.

“I’d kind of just been sitting on it since the election.” said Parker, when asked about his fundamentally misinformed take. “With this whole Weinstein business and everything else going on in this country, I figured it was as good a time as any to just fire it off as a Facebook post.”

While many of his friends and family commented on the post to point out the glaring flaws in every word, Parker seemed unwavering in his belief that no other opinion could possibly be valid, nor could he be convinced that it might have been at least slightly more tasteful to wait until public dialog had shifted before presenting such an erroneously informed point of view as fact.

He later addressed the comments by claiming his First Amendment rights were being threatened and he would have thought twice about posting if he knew “a bunch of broads would just get their panties in a bunch.”

At press time, Parker was seen attempting to defend himself by sharing articles from The Daily Wire.

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Image by Eduardo Woo, hyphenmatt