LGBTQ Community Unsure Of Next Letter To Add


WASHINGTON, D.C. — A spokespartner for the LGBTQ community announced plans to add a sixth letter to their acronym at a press conference on Tuesday, though it was not made clear which new letter would be included.

As it is, the initialism stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning,” although the Q is sometimes intended to denote “Queer.”

“One major motivation for extending the moniker is to make it more difficult to say,” said spokesperson George Takei. “We also want to include anyone who feels that they identify with our group.”

Letters reportedly being considered are:

    • I, which would stand for “Intersex” people.
    • K, which would include anyone who has seen the movie Kinsey.
    • Another L, which would just stand for “Lesbian” again.
    • H, which would stand for “Hoping for a gay kid.”
    • D, which would stand for “Divorced from a now-out gay person.”

The new letter will be formally revealed at the annual “Bear Invasion” event which will take place later this month in Washington, D.C.

Ross Kelly identifies as A, which stands for “Anyone who will have me, at this point.”

Image by wikimedia.