Leaked Audio Reveals George Washington To Be Racist


THE THIRTEEN COLONIES — Today WikiLeaks released audio from sometime in the late 18th century which catches former U.S. President George Washington in a racist rant. Washington (1732-1799), a military leader and owner of the slaves of Mount Vernon was secretly recorded in a conversation with his servant Mary.

An excerpt of the 14-minute recording provides conclusive, damning evidence of the hidden bigotry of one of America’s finest leaders:

President Washington: You shouldn’t be picking cotton with black people.

Mary: What do you mean?

President Washington: I mean, you should be an innocent white flower. I have an image to protect.

Mary: I’m black.

President Washington: Yeah, could you work on that too?

The shocking audio has caused many people to denounce slavery completely, even prompting the NAACP to revoke President George Washington’s lifetime achievement award. Supporters of the U.S. were so offended that they didn’t even question the fact that audio recording wasn’t invented until 1857.

Tim Barnes went to George Washington’s grave for a follow up, but he had no comment. 

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Tim Barnes is TWJ's Senior Post Racial Correspondent. He's an L.A. born Chicago based comic who’s writing about himself in the third person right now. The Chicago Tribune described him as “a smooth wordsmith who is sharp, polished and confident…” He hosts TouchVision TV's weekly conversational storytelling podcast, "It’s All True!" (photo credit: Honk Honk Photography)