Know Someone Who Exercises? A New Study Strongly Suggests They Will Die Someday


Are people who exercise really no better than the rest of us and, in fact, possibly jogging toward their ultimate demise? Is everyone, even including those who work out multiple times per week, just racing to the finish line of life?

A new study just published by the University of Tampa Medical Journal indicates there is a strong correlation between those who exercise and those who die. In fact, five out of five individuals who moved their bodies at all in their lifetime ended up dying.

So, this begs the question: Are we as humans actually meant to move our bodies?

“Hypothetically speaking we can conclude that it is exercise that causes death,” writes Dr. Ian Phillis, the top researcher on the project. “I’ve pored over all the data and everything points to the fact that if you have used your body in anyway throughout your lifetime–exercise, especially–you will in fact die someday.” This new development in medical research has caused a stir in those who perform any bodily tasks which seems to be an overwhelming amount of all individuals.

When all the research came to light, in fact, many of those on the research team went limp and refused to get up or voluntarily move their mouths for comment.

“I have sacrificed myself by speaking out on this subject on behalf of my research team,” Dr. Phillis said in the published report. “I know by continuing to move my mouth and even talk on the subject is just teasing death to come closer to me, but I have to tell the people. Someone has to.”

There is currently no further work being done to remedy this epidemic.

Dr. Phillis closed the report by writing, “I hope to God we can figure this out. It pains me to know my children are naively moving their bodies at this very moment. I hope we can stop this.”

Yikes. This is frightening stuff.

Calle Hack has completely stopped moving her body.

Image by fitapproach.