Kim, Jay-Z Starting To Question Kanye’s Obsession With Beyonce


LOS ANGELES — Last night’s Grammy Awards nearly had a repeat of the infamous 2009 Video Music Awards when Kanye West followed Beck onto the stage to accept the Grammy for Album of the Year. This most recent display of devotion has Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian a little worried about West’s motivations toward Beyoncé.

The 2009 event, wherein West stormed the stage, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to say that Beyoncé should have won the award, first raised some red flags among their respective spouses. And now a slew of subsequent displays have been bookended by yet another public show.

A source close to the group, who asked to remain anonymous, recalled another example that occurred since the VMA incident.

“I remember we were all out to dinner at Spago in Las Vegas,” the source recalled. “Jay-Z had gotten the calf’s liver and Beyoncé commented on how good it looked.”

The source remembered Kanye’s exact words, and recited his speech verbatim:

“‘Man, you know Beyoncé deserves that calf’s liver. You need to respect artistry and her beauty. If you want real wives to keep coming back and dining with you, you need to stop playing with us. Because what happens is, when you keep on diminishing her palate and not respecting her taste buds and smacking people in the face after they deliver compliments to Wolfgang Puck — it’s disrespectful to food.’

“Everyone just kind of stared at their plates,” said the source. “But Kanye wouldn’t back down until Jay-Z switched plates with Beyoncé, who looked as uncomfortable as everyone else. That was when we found out Jay-Z was allergic to Belgian endives.”

Kanye has since denied being hopelessly devoted to and in love with Beyoncé, saying, “Look I got my wife, I got my daughter and I got my clothing line, so I’m not gonna do nothin’ to put my daughter at risk. But, I am gonna fight for true love.” Kanye then winked, tore a picture of the pope in half, and bit the head off a live dove while his wife smiled blankly into where a camera would normally be.

Ross Kelly has seen the Single Ladies video a lot, and appreciates the artistry.

Image by CBS.


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