Kid Detective Stumped By Triple Homicide


PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Coming hot on the heels of the recent missing marbles caper, kid detective Whip Willbanks, 8, was called into the local police precinct to solve a recent triple homicide in suburban Pickerington.

An elderly couple was found slain in their home with the body of their nephew in their basement. According to Willbanks no weapon was found on the scene, just “a lot of blood”.

“Are these for real dead people?” asked the youth sleuth, seemingly horrified.

The lil’ detective repeatedly asked if he could play a different game which made the police laugh at his cute gallows humor. Despite the boy crying and saying “I don’t know this game,” the local police are very confident in Willbanks.

“He did such great work on the Hidden Butterscotch case,” said Detective Hank Schwartz, a professional, adult detective. “And I still don’t know how he figured out the Widow Abromowitz’ cat was accidentally making those phone calls as her dead husband. The kid’s clearly a born detective. He’s better than me!”

Detective Schwartz then looked out into the distance and added, “Like way better.”

At press time, Willbanks was seen poking one of the bodies with a large stick and crying at its unresponsiveness.

“I want to go home,” Willbanks said.

Stephanie Weber has been a ghost this entire time.

Image by thelotuscarroll.